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Has Anyone Gotten There Set Of..........

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David M sent me some and at our What a Tribute run they were available from Walt McKee. I didn't buy any at our run. the marbles are pretty, but sort of muted in color. I want them as a sample of the experimental runs. I think they are distinctive enough that I could pick them out of a mix of other runs.

Now I don't mean this in a negative way. In 2008-2009 I could pretty well identify each run's marbles. I have samples of all of them. By samples I mean at least 30 to 40 marbles of each and as many as 200 or more of most of them. Now I have a problem with the 2010 marbles. I have many from this year - Frankies, mamies, celebrations, etc and if mixed together I can't separate them. They are all pretty marbles, but I can't tell them apart. In years to come maybe they will be like West Virginia swirls. Some of us can ID them now with great accuracy. Maybe I haven't studied the 2010 enough yet. At any rate they have all begun to look alike to me. The latest run Tributes are totally different. The pattern is not the same though the rods of glass used are. We used batch glass, not cullet to make them and we had some problems.

Didn't mean to hijack your thread telling about others marbles, but it seemed to me to fit in here. The base glass from Kokomo is different from all the others, the colored rods used seem to be the same to me. The base glass seems to have dulled the colors. Edna

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Well, SplattmanSS, Edna knows her Jabo's a whole lot better than I do. I'm more of an "Oh that's pretty and caught my eye" person. I do like the blue they used.

Edna's got a good idea, having some for examples. That's always helpful in learning.

:-) Felicia

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I've had a similar experience between the runs that I participated in big time and those where I have only received a representative sampling of the marbles. Thankfully the samplings have been sent by fellow enthusiasts who knew I would be examining them closely. When you don't have names to guide you you go with 'pretty' and I think that has held true throughout the past few decades as we've sorted and compared one style of marble from another amongst the various marble companies. And after a while those pretty ones become more and more familiar maybe almost to the point of putting a name to them. That has been happening in the last few years with marbles from Vitro, Marble King, etc. so I would imagine the same thing will be happening with those Jabo run marbles if individual marbles prove sufficiently worthy. Then marble enthusiasts will be photographing them, talking about them and writing about them and that will additionally lend itself to heightened recognition. All good things come in time. David

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