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Ot...heres Where I Spent 3 Years In The 70S...

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Great info Duffy,I used to read stars and stripes when I was in Germany.My dad piloted B-52's for NORAD in the 50's.I remember being inside one once when I was a kid,it seemed huge,hell they were huge!

I served in Viet Nam 69-70 "A" Company 1st Batt.20th Infantry 11th Brigade,Americal Div.Calley was still there,I saw him a couple of times myself,everyone knew what had happened."A" company was assigned to set a perimiter to protect Army Corp. of Engineers while they leveled everything for one square mile,cover-up.Don't know why I'm telling you this but maybe you can understand better why I flew off the handle the other nite.My apologies again.Not particularly proud,but I do love my country and those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.Now back to marbles.Bo :)

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my husband was in the AF for almost 9 years, got in the end of Korea and beginning of Viet Nam. was an elecrician and worked on the 52's. Fairchild and March. God bless all our service men from all the wars. they're what has kept us free.


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