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Found In A Bunch Of 945 Marbles


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like the egg yolk but whats that one right behind it? pretty color.


Marie that is just a pelt sunset in very clear glass no bubbles but as all of these were from the same person they were also his playing marbles and that one has a nice scar . In all these only four akro , four hand made's a lot of cats and clearies I was glad the akro all were mint all of them , the bunch looked like he played marbles mainly with his clearies . there also was a dozen stellies . Mike


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yes every batch is more fun seeing what you end up with and then if there not damaged even better , the hand mades all had issues and the bigger one a divided 4 ribbon core got a home in a drawer as it is in only good condition the others found a home in a jar . it was only 13/16 in size the other three were 5/8 and played with a lot . Mike




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