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Frankie Gobi's, Black Mesa, Lifersavers And More!

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Was someone looking through a dictonary,looking for interesting words?

Good looking marbles,but he relativaty is a little obscure,for me.

Try to get a group out too you this week.Wiring a house in W.Va until wed.

The name Gobi came to be because they have the sandy colored streaks in them. The Gobi is a desert in Mongolia, China boarder.

It's sands vary form yellowish to orange in places, similar the to Arizona desserts in places. The variations in the colors with the Gobi sand streaks lead to the naming of the others.

The Lifesavers, reminded em of the Akro cork screws of the same name, these bing swirls I felt it was an adequate name.

Looking froward to seeing and photographing the marbles.


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