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Candidate For Restoration?


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I've had one slag for a while now that is a beautiful piece, but is in a very substandard condition. It's got a bit of a chip on one side (luckily not where the pattern is), and various dings throughout. The photo makes it look worse than it is, but you can still tell it's in sad shape when you hold it.

My question is: is this the sort of marble that could benefit from a little restoration? I'll likely not be able to get rid of the larger spot, but I expect the dings could be sorted out pretty well. My worry is that any attempt to restore the marble would damage the pattern. I've never seen another marble like it, and I'd absolutely hate to have it ruined.

Second picture's had some serious photoshopping done to it, and is just for reference.


Also, just a quick confirmation- this is a Peltier, right?

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Hiya. I'm going to go ahead and shift this over to the main chat area so that more eyes can be on it. I'll leave a link to it so that I can remember to pull it back when the discussion seems to have run its course. ( :

p.s., looks pelty to me.

p.p.s., nice photoshop clean up. wow

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