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Ground Pontil, Or Maybe Not

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Wow, nice close up! Are those scuffs (horizontal) or a trick of the light? Here's the best detail I could get of the type. Almost looks flame polished or something, smooth



The pontils on these are all similar but the blue one showed the most detail close up. They don't look ground from what I see, but they're not pronounced either. smooth

Added second pic since the blue marble may have seemed out of context (compared to the green one from my first post!). Green one is bottom right. All around 7/8" or so

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Ground pontils show obvious signs that the pontil was ground off with a grinding wheel. Some wheels are finer than others here are a couple done with fine wheels. Those may be Foreign handgathered machine rounded slags (true transitionals)



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The construction looks like they should have a more noticeable pontil. Flip them over and it's more of a bump, no evidence of grinding or even very fine facets. Just a raised portion that looks like it might have been polished with heat. No "wrinkles" on or around the point

Maybe they are machine rounded?? I figured a machine would make them more spherical?

Thanks for those pics and quick response, I can see the grinding on yours.

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