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Unless I've been left out in the dark the 'latest' book was Larry Castle's & Marlow Peterson's book MARBLES THE GUIDE TO CAT'S-EYE MARBLES (1998) ISBN: #0-9624185-3-6 Out-of-Print! But with that info. you might come across a stray copy in one of the Web Stores.

I might add that I did a follow-up lengthy photographic addendum to the book of 87 photographs and descriptions that can be accessed at Marble Mental in the back pages (Way back!) or better yet in the Article Archives at AAMs. Unfortunately I cannot access at either Board as I am Banned at both. I'm always operating on thin ice so it would seem. DAVID

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David is right on both counts -- Castle & Peterson's 1998 book is the one and only, to date, and David's additional cat's-eye information (at MM or AAM) is the only real update I've seen. Good pics, too.

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