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Newbie To Mibs


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Welcome Bob.

There is a great I.D section here to help you out. For best results on getting an I.D, take several pics of the marble/marbles you want to I.D so we can get a look at any seams it/they may have. You will get better results posting pics of a few marbles at one time (2 maybe 3) rather than a group. People shy from group I.D's it seems.

Marble On


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Thanks for the welcome!

I will take photos real soon. I have been busy with work and a new baby is closely approaching hah!

There are some in my small collection that I am not sure they are old or new. I would only like to collect older marbles and some of the newer Jabo stuff..but not a lot of it. I am all about old stuff. :cool-smileys-262:

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Marbles do present a choking hazard>

Do not give to babies>

Send them to me & I'll keep then for

you till you have a teenager.

Marbles aren't choking hazard's for teens/

PM me for address.

Some kidding!

Welcome to a mind controling substance. Glass Spheres.


Another one bites the dust>


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