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Lost In The Mail Need A Picture From Marble Collectors Handbook By Robert S. Block

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I recently sent a marble through the mail and it never made it to where it was going. It was a good thing that I insured it. I have all of the stuff I need to file the insurance claim except for a scan/picture of the page in the Marble Collectors Handbook by Robert S. Block that shows the Peltier clown picture and its price. I thought I had the book where I could find it, but I was wrong. If anyone could help by sending me a scan/picture of the page(s) showing the Peltier clown and its price in this book, it would really help to speed up the process of the claim. I appreciate any help that anyone can give. Thanks. Mindy

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I have a Block price guide ... somewhere. I'm on the look out for it to see if it might be the book you mean. I don't have access to a scanner though.

Bumping this and moving it to the general chat forum. Maybe someone else can rustle a scan up.

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