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  1. If the colors are true, I'd go with Akro.
  2. Some of the basic about slags; Peltier: "Feathering" in the white CAC: One or two seams and brighter colors of the transparent glass Akro: No defining characteristics MFC: "9" and tail These are just the basics, however, any of the companies may show similar traits as the others (hope that makes sense(?)) Hope this helps.
  3. I'll go the other way, CAC
  4. 1DanS

    Id req1

    Master Tiger eye sorry for the triple pics
  5. I believe MFC's largest slags were used as casters for furniture.
  6. 1DanS


    The skinny part is the neck, turn it 90 degrees and you will see it better.
  7. 1DanS


    C A C. Turkey head in last pic. thanks
  8. Is that a Vitro Parrot in with the shooters? If so, it looks like a pretty nice example and if it's mint, may be worth ?? I'm not really up on Parrot prices. thanks
  9. Might be worth a look. https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3066042.html?fe=2274550&txtSearchKeywords=marbles&txtSearchZip=44310&idxSearchCategory=0&txtSearchRadius=0
  10. I believe this type is known as an Indian swirl. thanks
  11. CAC did not use oxblood and I believe that is what your marble is. The loop you see may be a tight "turkey head". thanks
  12. Nice find. Your marble appears to have what is known as a "ghost" core. thanks
  13. I'd go with MFC based on the color, the "9" and long "tail", the impurities in the glass, and the cut/shear line which can be seen a little better in scobby's avatar. thanks
  14. 3 different styles, 3 different greens and all glow; will you tell me which is what please? thanks
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