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Griffs Sprinkle Tool Listed For Felicia

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Hey everyone.Ive listed the sprinkle tool,I used at the ladies first marble run,and gifted to Felicia.This is to give her a helping hand.Please have a look and consider bidding.



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Yep,I knew exactly what I was doing,when I gave it to you.Thats why I told you,that I dont give gifts with condition.Most people cant see past the end of thier nose.The actual tool,is being sold,but nothing can take away the memories.THATS REALY THE IMPORTANT PART!I can only hope that it does well,for you.I have confidence,that other marble friends,will help,if they can.

This is currently the only pre heat tool that is available to the public.The others are retired,and in my possesion.There is only one of these,that is spoken for in the group of pre-heat tools,and it will be delivered to its new owner,at Canton.

Its the guy that sprinkled the wine rocks,in the Odyssey run,with the purple and gold frit.

Dont tell WV Rons,I want it to be a suprise!----LOL

There are more important things in life,than any material possesion I have.Helping a friend out,is always,one of my highest priorities.Its right up there with the memories,,,,

One exception,my first fishing pole,that my Dad bought for me.If someone wants that, they will have to get it at the yard sale for a quarter,after Im gone.--LOL

As a matter of fact,now that I mentioned it,I think Ill take my pole to the creek,for a little trout fishing today,before we get the next snow/ice storm.It will be a good memory day for me!

Catching a couple of brookies wouldnt hurt my feeling either!----HA HA HA HA!

Maybe Ill tell you how it goes,,,Later,,,,,

Im getting those good memories and feelings already,and I gotta go,NOW!

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You've got that right! The memories, the fellowship, these things only God can take away and until then, they will remain in my mind and heart...I had the best time...both of my trips there...Everyone was wonderful...I still think it was all a dream...Ron was a great host the first time...Edna was a fab roomie the 2nd time...I can see why so many want to return yearly..it's beyond the marbles...

Thank you and God bless all.....and I won't tell Ron LOL

Happy fishing! I'm going out for supplies before the bad weather gets here again.

:-) Felicia

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