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Marble Crazy At The Moon Marble Company


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Hi Folks This is the list of artist that are signed up to date. Not in any special order. Jes Durfee,Sammy Flowers,Dan Neff,Jerry Spangler,Thomas Friedman,Marc Kornbluh, Fred Linders,Bruce Troeh,Kevin Krantz, Aaron West,Ernie Kober,John McCormick,Geffrey Beetem,Brett Young, Larry Zengel,Jerry Park,Dan Grumbling, Tom Rink, Eddie and Bobbie Seese,Troy Cornette,David Salazar and myself Bruce Breslow. I have not heard back from everybody yet. If you cannot make it to the show we plan on having live demonstrations on the internet. You can access this blog and site from the Moon Marble Crazy website. The plan is to have this working. We had it last year and We had a good time with it. If I missed anybody on the list or mispelled any names I apoligize in advance. See ya later bruce

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