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Teeny Weeny 1912 Ad Akro Agate Akron Oh

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Nice thing about this ad is that it correctly calls the oxblood marbles "Cornelian" as apposed to just red - the term 'red' in other similar ads gave the impression that MF Christensen made red onyx marbles....this of course is not true. MFC did not make red slags. I have another ad like this from 1911 that also uses the term Cornelian. When space is at a premium - would you rather use a 9 letter word or a 3 letter word to get the job done?

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One of the ads with 'red'. Maybe from 1912. Mentions six colors though says five. They tried to squeeze a lot in.

(click to enlarge)


Just noticed it says Dept. D where yours says Dept. B. Whatever that might mean.

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