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Bobby Callahan...callbobby?

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Does anyone know this man? Did he name the Parrot?

"About Me: callbobby( 1123)

I love going to garage sales in the early morning and rushing to try and be the first in line to get the good stuff. It's a little difficult doing this because i live in the upstate woodlands of New York State and there are no sales around me, which means i need to travel down to 1 of the cities which surround my area . My 1st love was with Marbles . I stated by reading what i could get my hands on and then going to the major marble shows. I met Bob,Stan and Mrs Block and got to be good friends with them and sold many marbles through their auction catalogs as well as at the shows that my " Cousin " Bert Cohen set up in Marlborough Mass . This is also where i met and became good friends with Larry Castle and Marlow Peterson and picked their brains for knowledge . Beverly .. became an excellent friend and we discussed many things over the internet . I became buddies with Dennis Webb of Greenburg Guide to Marbles when i sent him an undiscovered bag of factory produced marbles which had not come to the suface over his many years of being in the marbles hobby & business . I did writing of articles for the Marble Collectors Society Of America and became very well known for my research into how certain marbles came into being . I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT " I NAMED THE PARROT MARBLE " , It happened when Bob Block was standing in back of me looking at my marbles at the Marlborough Mass. Show . Needless to say that when all the marble books suddenly hit the market and the dealers got hold of them , the ease of acquiring decent marbles became almost impossible without paying well increased prices , so it seemed time to expand and get into other fields as well as marbles . I did operate a marble polishing/grinding machine for a few years and was 1 of the first to do so in New York State . The most recent thing to happen is that my friend Hansel has worked with the JABO CO. and created a new marble called " Eagle " . Turns out that a bunch of my friends were there with Dave making all kinds of new JABO marbles . There...gee..now you know who i know and that should give you a good idea of my socialization . "

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