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At the risk of painful honesty, I prefer the crisp clean lines of the first one. I like the blue/yellow over the blue/adv and the red/w for the same reason. The blue/adv looks like somebody colored it outside the lines :) Probably an anal view but thats my opinion.

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Keep going!

That first one is killer.


The technique you are using is typically referred to as "raking".

Be patient and work your glass cooler to keep the colors from bleeding into one another.

Drew Fritts is a master of raked marbles.

His Butterfly and Marbrie series are excellent examples of the raking technique.

Drew's book, "Torchworked Marbles, Vol. 1", describes in detail how he achieves his results.


Galen's photo of the Mike Edmondson marble is an example of a totally different technique.

No raking is done to achieve Mike's results.

He used to have a "How To" at GlassArtist.org about his Shadow marbles.

Great examples of this technique are his Pelt Slags, Shadow and Dragon Eye marbles.


John McCormick

Shamrock Marbles

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