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June 15 Auction Results

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Thought I'd give a quick update on the marble auction in Massachusetts on Wednesday. The auction had been mentioned in an earlier post. The catalogues are at

Marble Catalogue

Game catalogue

I got to the viewing at 3pm sharp. The only two people there were me and Carl Popp. By the time the auction started at 6, there were 15 peop,e there. The only other marble collector there, that I recognized, was Elliot Pincus.

There was no printed auction listing.

The first Mint marble was Lot 44. Of the first 90 marbles, only 2 were Mint (except Contemporaries).

The large onions and swirls, the first 135 lots, generally went for $30-$50, with only a couple of rare exceptions. The Simpson planets went for $100-$150 each. The Matthews peppermint for $170.

Once you got to the groups, I was picking up handmade swirls at $1.50-$2.00 each, micas at about a buck each, oxbloods at about a buck each, Popeyes at about $4 each.

There were 140 uncatalogued marble groups. The games in the second section generally went for $1-$5 each, the tin games for about $15-$20 each. I picked up all three Akro child sets.

All in all, it was a good buying auction. Mint large marbles were few and far between. Almost all the small marbles were Mint. I was able to pick up Lot 92, which turned out to be a Mint Double Ribbon Swirl, first off cane flower type 1-3/8" for $40 bucks. The only marble I was able to add to my collection, due to the poor condition of the large marbles.

It was great fun hanging out with Carl and Elliot. It reminded me of the time in 1993 that Harold Sugarman ran a two day marble auction in St. Louis, but because of the floods, there were only 11 of us bidding there the first day and 7 on the 2nd. Elliot was at that one too.. I think between the two of us, we bought almost to thirds of the lots in the auction. I had to run to Walmart after the first session to buy a second suitcase to haul everything home.

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They also had a few marbles bags that never made it to the online catalog but they sent me pics and I got three - Vitro Whities Shooters bag, Red Horse Mesh Bag and one of the Pressman Santa Claus Stocking bags - looking forward to seeing them.

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The auctioneer did 425 lots in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

There was an uncatalogued group of 4 Akro mesh bags. It started pouring outside about 10 lots before that one. I ran outside to shut my windows, and by the time I got back in, he had gone 4 lots past it. The four bag old for 10 bucks. I was pretty annoyed because I had wanted o bid on them.

There was a slew of uncatalogued mar be bag, pouches and lots. For instance, I got a lot of about 225 corkscrews, including about 50 three-colors, for $15.

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