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Peltier Mansions Up Close

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I spent 34 years of my life in education, science teacher 18 years, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction High school 10 years, principal high school 3 years, director of special education 3 years. I still think like an educator. If pictures will help anybody identify JABO experimentals, then I'll post pictures of every run I have. I have a lot of them. I have started with Peltier Mansions because I think they're pretty and they have had the least exposure of any of the marbles. I do not mind if you "steal" my pictures and keep them for reference. Knowledge is power. It was always my philosophy to share knowledge and empower a lot of people.

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The last two marbles are some of the ten known that are encased with a swirled patch of John Triggs' special glass that was over 70% pure silver.

It usually appears black, edge-lined with white or silver, sometimes with a purple oily look in bright light.

Yes, that was me, without beard, in my youth, three years ago at Jabo.

Here are some boxes I made with popsicle sticks and stuff....





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I added a little historical information in the first frame of this post. Thought you would want to know people involved and dates. As documented in 2008 JABO Classics: The Experimentals, there were only 150,000 of these marbles made.

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