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Lava Orange Marbles

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Hi everyone, i think this was discussed some time back and i wanted to take some photos and let everyone come to their own conclusion on these. I would love to hear what everyone thinks and try to come to some sort of an overall thought process on these. Chuck G--







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Hi Steph, just wanted to see if any comments on these types of mibs and who, what and some good feedback by the members. A lot of them may be on vacations!! All three marbles have the same base color of orange and the first one is a Miller style pelt with av in the black and the base has a hint of strandiness in it to. Love to kick these all around and see what conclusions come out of it. Chuck G--

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there are several co.'s that have the same to similiar

colors. on the orange, akro comes to mind with all the color tones they used. don't think that the miller can justify the frit just by the base. and akro was into the experimental big time also. j.m.o. ... bill

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