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Watch Marbles Being Made

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I live in Virginia, but I'll be in WV this weekend.

My son loves marbles and he loves the TV show How It's Made. (How It's Made shows how various things are produced in factories.)

I though since we would be in WV it would be perfect to take him somewhere where he could watch marbles getting made.

But it looks like a lot of places have closed or are barely open.

I was hoping someone on this site could help.

Thanks in advance.

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JABO welcomes visitors. Dave McCullough may be running pretty marbles, but also runs industrial marbles. They are located just across the Ohio River at Reno, Ohio. If you cross the river into Marietta, Ohio, it's just a short drive up Ohio 7 to the plant. Call David McCullough to find out if he is running during the time you will be there. I'll PM you his number. David lives in West Virginia but crosses the river to work. Edna

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Contacted Jabo. Plan on going soon. Thanks.

Here is a preview. Mike

Once on U TUBE there are so many could take all day . enjoy and I think if you tell Dave you like marbles you can fill a 20 pound box over flowing for $20.00 or at least that is how it was . He said only marble collectors could get 25 pounds of marbles in a 20 pound box. enjoy . Mike

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