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Akro Prize Name Names

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Hello,this has most likely been covered before but can anyone tell me if Akro prize name corkscrews where sold under that name(prize name corkscrew),or is that the name it has inherited over decades from players/collectors,or is there more to the (name)story.any input would be much appreciated,cheers...

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They were sold as Prize Names. (Prize Name Agate, not Prize Name Corkscrew)

The original plan in 1930 appeared to be for children to rename them. (link) "Prize name" seemed to just be the temporary name on the box while the naming contest was being run. But the winning contest name was "Fire Opal" and it never replaced the "Prize Name" name on the boxes. Fire Opal went on to be the name of a different kind of marble.


p.s., If you can read the little print you may note that the description says that there were five color combos. There were many more than that. ... obviously! lol. That's just an example of how Akro reused bits and pieces of ads without rewriting. Five specific combos were described in earlier ads but those don't match the color combos here. The variety quickly expanded.

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saw your reference to Akros this morning mate 

Came across this recently searching the national library Australia  " Trove " newspapers for marble info  the article is from the lismore star 1937 

Not sure if it helps as it doesn't  actually say Akro fire opals but it does mention a few names associated with Akro and not that far of your date :)


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