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The " My Media " Button


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This My Media button is kinda cool once you find it.

My screen shots are probably overkill ... but just in case.

First make sure you have an image uploaded into the gallery. Then you're ready to make a post.


Punch the My Media button and choose the Gallery Images option.


Voila, your most recent gallery uploads should appear.

Instead of the Gallery Images option you could pick Attachments to see things you've posted in other threads so that you won't have to upload them again.


Click on the image you want and then you get a brief statement indicating that something happened. And behind the popup you can see that there is new text.


Hit Finished and there's the code for the attachment.


Hit Post and there's the image from the gallery.


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To whom it may concern:

At this time, most of us are experiencing a problem with the "Attach Files" option which you might see in your reply window. Our old attachments should still be available for us to reuse. However to upload new images, for now at least it looks like we need to go to the gallery.

If you're having trouble uploading images to the gallery, please contact us.

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If it is just masked out then hopefully you can get to it by hitting the button on the left. If it's not there at all, then the only thing I know to help is using the image tags.


The code to post your photo of John Kinstler would be


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