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Remember My Onion Skin Flame Marble


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Well Rich brought it back to life and as bad as it was you can now see a lot of mica in the marble , tried to get better pics but with the core so clear and the surface so shinny this is what I can up with . I did not think Rich would save the ends so nice being there was that BIG chip and all the other issues . I did not ask Rich to tackle this till the end of there stay hoping that my hospitality would help and I can only think of the hours it took . Thanks Rick . Mike







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Ah shucks Mike, twas nuttin!

This repair probably took 1 1/2 hours under the torch to repair to what you see. Mike and I talked about it a lot before he decided to allow me to take it with me on the rest of my journey toward Maine. The surface was difficult, especially where the huge chunk of glass was missing let alone getting the pontils not to mess up.

Actually, with the soft rock music going in the background - it was a pleasure to work on...lol.


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