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Not Much On Handmades....


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Hey guys,

This thing is 1-3/4", thinking a confettit cloud? what looks like mica or goldstone is actually air bubles and small fracture marks around the colored glass.

This has a fold so well-defined you can see clear through it.

The pontil is hand ground, faceted.

Not a hit or scratch on the surface.

As always, all opinions welcome...

Been hiding in the bushes for some time now. (Did make the IAMC July show in Tukwila, WA.) Working my rear off, and we are building a new home with lots of built-in display cases!!!!

not sure about posting pics here, may need to add a few more.



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The fractures are small and internal, not at the surface. The thought on clouds is that they were made at the end of the day with scraps, possibly done in a hurry? That could explain not taking the time to reheat the glass before casing it.

The pontil is tough to photo.


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The internal fractures probably will turn into bubbles when the center core heat gets hot enough for that to happen. The marble has to be heated slowly to a minimum of 970F and allowed to soak at that temperature or there is a possibility of thermal shocking and it might explode in the process.

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Pontil is ground-faceted. Hard to photo.

Marblealan said he needed to see it in hand; He has never seen anything like it before. That could be good, or bad...LOL

I am not a handmade-type guy, prefer american machine-mades but i coudn't pass it up as a gamble.

I'll be sure to post the results...

Any bets????? LOL

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DRUM ROLL>>>>>>>>>>>>

MARBLEALAN SAYS------- !!!!!!FAKE!!!!!!!!

Someone went to great lengths to make this marble look old. Fortunately I bought it as a contemporary, so everyone who has read or will read this post only owes me $0.10 for the education...LOL

(I know the guy who sold it to me, said it came with a bunch of old suphide paperweights his mother still has. Will need to dig onto that a littler deeper.)

Everyone should be on the lookout, hopefully no more will surface.

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