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Brewers Win!!!!!!!!


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Uh, yeah... I was thinking about you yesterday as I was watching the game, cheering on the Cards. (Of course, the night before we were growling at and cursing our pitchers.)

Last week I got the pleasure of buying four tickets to tomorrow night's game -- right at the end of the third base line and up a dozen rows. Of course, it was for one of the guys I work with who was tied up all day in depositions. lol!

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ROFL!! I love that cat picture!

And it's so like cats, isn't it? We have two - Mishka, who's a snowshoe Siamese, and Mya, who's all black and has everyone convinced she's a princess. (Last February, I lost my oldest, Annie, who was almost 18 and an insulin-dependent diabetic. Broke a piece of my heart away when she died...)

But, yep, they pout and make sure you know it. :)

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Yep, I was serious, and in fact just ordered two. I'm the oldest of five girls, with two of my sisters in Texas. The other two (in Washington State and Florida) are flying in to St. Louis on Friday, and we're hitting the road to meet up with the rest of my family in Branson for the weekend. (It's a surprise to my dad and one of my sisters.) I'm hoping/planning to take the two crying towels with me so that I can rub the Cardinals' win in just a bit more. :lol: (They were both giving me grief the entire series, absolutely certain that the Rangers were going to win. LOL!)

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