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Stone Marbles From The Rolley Hole Tournament At Standing Stone


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Molly Reecer Kimmell gave me the next two marbles. They are both flints made by people who have passed on.


This one is a Bud Garrett flint. Mr. Garrett made his own marbles.


This one is a Dumas Walker flint.

All of the marbles shown in this post are in the neighborhood of 3/4 inch.

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Amazing. A bridge between past and present. So cool to have stone marbles and know who made them.

And they have so much personality. When you mentioned you had them I had no idea there would be such variety.

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I have more that I had posted before. i have one made by Paul Moore who died last year and I have 3 made by Malcom Strong. One is the large one used in Tennessee Square. it's an inch and a quarter and the other two are flints in the neighborhood of 3/4 inch. When the marbles are specially made for a player, they are made to the size specified by the player. There is a range that they have to fall between. Molly shoots with a smaller marble than her husband Jeff, but the size is not far off.

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