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Contemporary Marble Auctions To Benefit Alan Basinet


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Contemporary marble collector John Ward, has asked me to sell approx. 120 marbles to benefit Alan Basinet!!

WAY TO GO, JOHN!!!!! :cool-smileys-262:

The first lot of 10 is scheduled on ebay, starting tonight (2/5) at 10:00 pm EST

(Just about the time the NE Patriots beat the Giants in the Super Bowl!!!)

.............Damn!!!! 'Knew I shouldn'ta said that!!! :-(

Please check 'em out at Marble_Alley

I have my format drawn out, so hopefully, there will be more VERY soon...

I would be happy to hold lots for combined shipping. Just let me know!!

Please place these auctions on your "Watched List" so that we can get "Most Watched" status and attract a LOT of attention!!

Pass the word around!!

These are listed in the Studio Art Glass category for a savings of approx. $1.10 per auction!!

I can list them in "Marbles," if I host my own pictures (Which I do anyway...) But, buyers are becoming less accustomed to scrolling down for that....

Tell me what you think?

Please help me correct any mistakes!!


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Greetings all...Alan is still hanging in there at home. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight, but is eating and drinking better than he was a few weeks ago. he has a lot of visitors dropping in and this cheers him a lot, I think. I am still seeing him 2-3 times a day and all weekends, around my work schedule. His parents are living in the apt. he fixed for them behind his house, and visit several times a day. Hospice comes over about once a week. So we will keep you posted on his progress.

On another note, Alan has decided to sell his private marble collection. his good pal Gary stern will handle the sales. we will release the seller name and dates of the first auctions as soon as they are decided.

Thanks to all who have sent donations, items and good wishes. Alan and I are keeping track of all of them so we can send thank-you notes. He wants to write these himself, but has not had the energy. But rest assured he has gotten them all and that they have really helped .

Cheryl Malinowski

Alan's friend and ex-wife

[email protected]

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