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Akro Flinties No. 2 Size...

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Got these Akro 3/4 th inch mint flinties on Ebay last week - 40 for $6 ........was sitting around this morning and I suddenly remembered i had purchased a half empty Akro No.2 opaques box last year that I had forgot about - in fact I just bought this set of yellow opaques thinking I could use in future in other boxes. Well I knew it was going to take me sometime to find the right sized opaques for the Akro box in my backstock so I had put it away until I ran across some of them I have put away over the years, but these helped fill the box until then..






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This is a general term used by older collectors for the Akro Agate opaques which can be identified by slit opening made in some which appears to be unique to Akros- see first picture. The early red opaques etc were soemtimes put in boxes labeled as Akro Flinties. Finding a set of this many is unusual...

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