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What The Mailman Brought Me:)

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Wow! Isn't marble mail the best?

Your kitty has her own tin of marbles? That's sweet.

Ever since one of mine picked up a marble in her mouth and carried it downstairs,we have a new rule,

"no cats in the marbles". I just have to say that and the paw retracts.


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Sorry everyone, I have to say this.......we need a like (a big thumbs up) button! I try and say 'no mittens', but she just looks at me says 'mew' and continues to paw her way around....sometimes I actually have to lock her outta my room till I get it picked up again.

ps... funny story, I had a ball of yarnish material, she got it and ran, so I put it in a plastic bag put it back in my box and went to do something. Came back to my room, and she was on her back throwing the plastic bag in the air....she's a nut, but I love her.

I took these yesterday...

Me, "Whatcha see under there?"

HiYah....youz can't get the bestest of me marvles....

Me, "That was some extrenuous moves Mittens..."

Jes, zees tings can be kindza tricksee....

but Iz can handl em.

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Jill, looks like your having all the fun, in more ways than one,, love love the mibs,, and if cats came without the smell i'de have one, i love dem to :) my brother has 2 cats and his cats do not like using the litter box and man i think they've ruin there house personally,, never told him that,,

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...I only have the one, but she is the best! my daughter found her under a car, I believe she was only about 5 wks old (about what the vet thought too), and as soon as we brought her home she scarfed voraciously at a can of wet cat food a neighbor brought over, and used a little box of sand I made for her for potties. she was amazing from the start.

Bauble our kitty who has passed was also good, he didn't make stinkies (always used the box)....but his temperment was a little off; okay he was crazy.... :P But we loved him!

You can always try and foster a kitty to see if you are compatible, and if they have good bathroom manners :)

All I can say, is that cats are just like people, some you really love and some you wish you never met....

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