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Jabo Joker I Anatomy Of A Cranberry


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Much thanks to Dave McCullough formerly of JABO Inc. the Original Joker Team, including Rick Hall, Jim King, and Burt Wilkins all of whom have sent marbles over the past two years to allow me to photograph and keep or sell so we can have these images for future generations.

To see larger images of all these stunning marbles please visit this link:


Original Joker 2008 Cranberries and Family

These are among the rarest of the JABO Joker I or (JERK) marbles. Five distinct family types having been identified with many variations represented within each family. I have tried to represent here the families in such a way as to allow a great over view.

Included in these groups are the Pre Cranberry Gold Lutz Aventurine marbles. These rolled off the line prior to the Cranberries, and the presence of Lutz in these marbles has here to for gone largely unnoticed. I have dedicated the first 25 images to them since they are stunning.

Lutz Aventurine Pre Cranberries (Images 001-025)

These were produced by mixing crushed Green Aventurine and Gold Lutz and you can clearly see Gold Lutz showing in the mixture and the appearance of Oxblood where the Lutz transitions and burns into Oxblood. Jim King recalls the idea of making the Lutz more stable in the furnace by mixing the Green Aventurine with the Gold Lutz, since the Lutz alone was burning into Oxblood. Look closely at these images, and you will see clearly that’s exactly what happened. The Green tends to over shadow Lutz but the Oxblood running parallel and in the Lutz Aventurine streams is conclusive.


Type I White Slag Ruby Oxblood and Aventurine (Images 026-145)

Showing lots of white, treads of Oxblood, some Lutz Aventurine and varying degrees of Cranberry glass. These are by and far the least pretty of the Cranberry family, as can be seen in these examples, Lutz Aventurine remain, with thin to thick shocks of oxblood adding to the Cranberry colors.


Type II Ruby Aventurine and Opaque White and Cream (Images 046-060)

Generally identified as Cranberries by most of the Joker Team and the Collecting Community, these transparent gems are stunning in hand, in the sun light and are highly valued by collectors. They tend to show a mixture of Lutz Aventurine and White opaque swirls. They vary widely with the greatest distinguishing characteristic being the predominance of the dark transparent Cranberry glass.


Type III Ruby, Aventurine, Cream Opaque and Oxblood (Images 061-085)

Loaded with FAT, Thin and Wavy Oxblood and showing copious amounts of Cranberry glass on an opaque White or Cream base usually with scant amounts of Aventurine, these are stunning examples of Joker I craftsmanship at its best. These are highly prized and as rare as the Type III’s. FAT Oxbloods rock from this family.


Type IV Opaque Cream with Ruby (Images 86-105)

Having a larger Cream or White base with varying amounts of Aventurine and Oxblood with windows of Cranberry glass throughout, this type is very pretty in hand. These often have lots of Cranberry glass which appears brighter as a result of the more prominent presence of the opaque base.


Type V Apricot Aventurine (Images 106-115)

These Cranberries show a thoroughly mixed opaque base with the Ruby glass producing a bright orange akin to a ripe Apricot, thus the name. This can include threads of Aventurine and Oxblood in varying amounts.


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Just a note of joy to share.  I've been on this site since becoming the owner of a rather sizeable collection of fun toys I remembered as a kid. Thanks to you, I've not only have been educated about the art & science of marble making, but introduced to a fellowship of fun, passionate people who "use their marbles" to share joy and beauty in this world.  Today, I was blessed as Burt Wilkins himself came to check out my collection!  I am pleased to say, MANY, of my marbles, found their way "home" with one of their creators. God bless you, Burt!  What a pleasure meeting you and hearing your stories. Bless you all at Marble Connection!  Merry Christmas!

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