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Damaged Marbles

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On another board a discussion was started about damaged marbles. I tried posting there several times, but could'nt as I seemed to be barred if I wrote this much. I for one hate to see damaged marbles just thrown away without making sure that they can't be reconditioned and believe me I'm not saying this because I recondition marbles. It's just that several years ago a friend had a 5 gallon bucket about half full of hurt marbles and he told me they were headed to the landfill. I asked him to allow me to take them home with me and recondition those on halves that were rare and valuable. Long story short over 200 marbles were saved and some of them are still on display at The Lee's Marble Muesum in York, Nebraska. Others were sold and between us we sold over a thousand dollars worth and I still have some in my collection.

What I'm saying is that before you throw a hurt marble away have some good polisher (reconditioner) evaluate them. It's amazing what can be reconditined. Some peole don't like polished (reconditioned) marbles and that is their choice and they aren't for everybody. This is my opinion and mine alone. ----Leroy----

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