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Here's an article that dicusses Akro-Agate ordering a shearing device from Miller in Swissvale, PA.

National Glass Budget, May 15, 1915, 31st Year - No. 1, Page 7.

Automatic Shears Ordered.

One of the latest creations at the Miller machine shop, Swissvale, Pa., are automatic shears adaptable to various purposes in connection with the manufacture of tableware, novelties, etc., which are conceded to be a marked improvement over the hand shears previously employed . During the past week the Akro Agate Co., of Clarksburg, W. Va., placed an order for a set of these shears, to be used in connection with a marble-making machine. Shears of this type have already been introduced at the D. C. Jenkins factory, Kokomo, Ind., and the Phoenix factory, Monaca, Pa. See photograph and descriptive matter relative to this new contrivance on ninth page of this issue.


Now don't forget to scroll down two pages to the bottom of the ninth page! Awesome advertisement!

Here's a link to the patent:


Finally, if you scroll down the National Glass Budget:

1) There is an article announcing the installation of the shears. (August 7, 1915).

2) And another article describing the installation of three machines. (December 18, 1915).


John McCormick

"Shamrock Marbles"

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Ah the beginning of the end for the shear person in the hand gathering team. With the automatic shears. Placed on the rolling machine. The gatherer would just place his glob over the shears and the glob was cut and droped to the rollers.

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