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Hometown Boy Clint Cannon


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Sometime back I commissioned Julia Powell to paint a marble showing our hometown boy Clint Cannon competing in the bronc ride. Clint is a professional rodeo cowboy. It took a while to find just the right pic for Julia to paint. She likes the face to be in profile. I finally got a pic that was just right and delivered it to Julia in August. Julia had to paint 5 marbles to get two good ones. She first tried 3+ inch Sammy Hogue marbles. They were beautiful but one exploded in the kiln. Julia uses oil based paints that have to be fired on. They become part of the glass marble. The other one cracked. This is the one that cracked. She gave it to me and I think if I keep it in my marble cabinet perhaps without handling it won't crack into many pieces.


You can see the large crack in this view.


On the back of the marble I had her paint the Methodist cross and "God Bless Our Cowboy". Clint attends Waller UMC.


Julia painted 2 and got nothing so started over. She dropped down to Sammy Hogue 2 inch marbles. One survived the kiln and one cracked. This is a good one.


And the back of the good marble


Julia had to paint a 5th marble to get two good ones. Maybe this will help you understand why the marbles are expensive and how much work can go into just one order.

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