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My $7 Two And A Quarter Inch Swirl


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Bought this out in the parking lot at an auction Saturday in Miamisburg Ohio. Also bought a Christensen Cyclone AKA Cobra but it has a flat spot on it and I haven't gotten up the nerve to attempt a repair on it. Showing the Swirl only to demonstrate how sweet the bubbles look in a large marble. Ronnie



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That was me.

Yeah OK, sorry I didn't recognize you, age thing I guess, but on the other hand you didn't recognize me either. (another age thing or aging thing). I've always thought of you and that story you told me about those people in New Lebanon that had that gold mine of Christensen material. I always wondered if you were able to make a deal with them? You know at that auction that represented about 1/4th of what Bob had and probably in the spring they will have a 2nd. auction then a 3rd and 4th.You got any marbles for sale? Talk to you later, Ronnie
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