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Got The Cobra Repaired.


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Originally Cobras were one long color glob(multi or single colored) inside that widened at one end looking like a Cobra snake.

I got the marble from Scott Strasbarger. Are you saying that Scott does not know his marbles? And for your information, my wife is the person that named the marble a Cyclone and Brian Estep was there and said yeah thats good, it's a Cyclone or I like Cobra, so you can see who won out on that one. (as usual). Ronnie
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Just saying over the years a larger variance of what fits a certain type,name, seems to occur. Another reason I do not like names for marbles. Just like the term submarine for soe CACs. Originally it was a transparent green based marble with orange swirling. Now any transparent base with lots of color inside the marble gets called a submarine. As a Blue Ray was blue base orange striping. Now any transparent Blue base with any color striping gets called a Blue Ray. Just something that happens over time.

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