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Must Be A 2000 Marble Day


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well two different buys today one drove to my house the other meet me about 3 miles away will be sorting a few days , I know I saw a few Arko so I said yes to the bunch twice . here are a few pics I was given to look at and say yes or no . I bet there are at least a few nice ones and will fill a few more gum ball machines . Mike

lot # 1







now the next lot almost said no but saw the one big Akro so I thought should take a chance .




will have to wash and see /. Mike

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well not half done yet a nice but nothing over the top yet ,it was a good day as even got another smaller lot had a big popeye but when I got home it had a chip will go threw then later , a few cats and a set of 14 German cat eyes or German sparklers there about an inch give or take a 16th . . here they are so German cats or German sparklers ??? Mike




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well here are what was in one bunch with out the cats or clearies a few good but I will post another thread on what I think is a Ravenswood with a green base glass , the others I did not have in the picture were the three other pelts or have to decided what they are , there are two more in the bottom row I will take to the cabinets . still more buckets to go threw . Mike


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we can relate! lol here's our pool table.. used for sorting. this was yesterdays sorting.. only a little of what we have been working on actually. but findingthe goodies sure is fun!


and some of the finds...:-)


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