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Sammy's Mountain Marbles Winter Run


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Prepping for the Fall.

I just got these....

Sammy's Mountain Marbles Winter Run (1-28-13). All are 5/8" of an inch in diameter.

AWESOME SWIRLS. check them out.

WTG! Sam & Dave. :music-rocker-001:

these all w/ lutz.



Check out the (2) attachments (below).

Absolutely Beautiful. I just love these in the smaller size.

Again WTG Sam and Dave. :music-rocker-001:



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A winter wonderland.

Yes. I think it's amazing. All the colors plus the groovy movement. Those little 5/8's pack a big PUNCH.

To think you could fit all that in a little ball. I would describes them as mini exotic private contract looking jabos but there NOT.

You can definetly see that Dave McCullough had a lot to do with how the marbles came out at Jabo. There coming out just as nice if not maybe better rolling down Sammy's mountain.

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