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Hey Bocci!

I have to ask a stupid question, and am only a little less

embarrassed to ask it here instead of Jabo Land.

What exactly is a 'Classic'? Never really thought about

it, and guess I've been assuming that any Jabo that

isn't from one of the 'special runs' is one. :blush:

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jabo organized in 1987. I Believe they made industrial marbles only. In 1991 Dave Mc Cullough was hired. Soon after (I think the spring and or the fall) Dave would make small runs of colorful (toy) swirl marbles. The jabo classics were born. The first two years (1991 & 1992) were experimental. Then starting in 1993 till 2007 Dave had a run or two every year. It was the later success of private contract runs that ended the classic run. But fellow collectors need not worry Dave is now back doing just that with Sammy Hoque at the new Mountain Marble.

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