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Marble Cyberauction #1107 3/24/13

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Marble CyberAuction #1107 will be held next Sunday evening, March 24 beginning at 8PM NYC time. This is an auction of 165 lots of handmade, machine made and contemporary marbles from two different consignors. Virtually everything in the auction is Mint or unusual.

The handmades in this auction are from a European collection. There are a number of unusual swirls and onionskins in this auction. Most of the marbles are Mint.

The machine mades are from a collection we've been working through for a few auctions now. Mostly Mint Popeyes, but there are other machine mades in here as well.

I have prepared a complete catalogue of the 165 lots in the auction. The catalogue listings identify each marble by type, give a short description of the marble, list any defects in the marble, list the size and condition and an estimate of value. One or more images of each lot are available as well. You can view the catalogue in one of two places:

A PDF version of the catalogue listings with one image for each lot can be viewed or downloaded at http://www.blocksite.com/marble-auctions/block-s-marble-cyberauctions/

You can also view the catalogue listings, with 3 to 5 large images of most lots, on the iCollector site at http://www.icollector.com/auction.aspx?as=26539

Here's a couple that are in the auction:



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It looks like auction #1021 was sometime in 2004.

The record in the database is

1021,36,"CONTEMPORARY HANDMADE","Hollow glass sphere inside-painted with a bull in a field. Hole in the bottom. Probably used as a finial. Chinese. 1-1/2"". Mint (9.9).",6.00

Is this the item you're looking for?

Sold for $6.00

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Yeah, Was in the auction bag still.


(Top View)

I'll have to make a new one to add to it so it has some history...... in 100 years someone will want to know about it, maybe...

Thanks again.


Here are a dozen:



There are probably many others...

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They are not considered marbles. More like tourist knicknack. They have a hole as they are painted from the inside. I have seen bottles painted the same way. I see these at craft fairs geared for Asians. Sometimes the sellers will have a light underneath when displaying them.

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The technique dates back at least 200 years. I collect chinese snuff bottles and I have several that are inside painted using this technique (though they are only about 1860, not 1700s). The artist uses a brush with only one or two bristles on it, so that they can do the detail work.

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