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Ebay Sellers Who Won't Allow Questions/contact...

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I've seen new marble collectors ID marbles like this person has. They look in a marble book and somehow make the marble fit the pictures they see. I don't recognize this seller's name so maybe they are new, then again, maybe they know exactly how to take advantage of new collectors. Too bad someone is going to be cheated. Happened to me once, Seller said return the marbles and i'll return your money. I returned the marbles, never got my money and that seller disappeared from ebay. As president of the Texas Marble Collector's club, I get a lot of requests to help ID and value somebody's old marbles. 99% of the time they are JABO, VACOR, FABRICAS, or commons. It becomes my job to tell them the unpleasant truth. Lots of cheats in the world - not just marbles. Most marble people I know are great folks.

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