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  1. I think the guy's a "hot dog", but that's just my opinion! More of a smart aleck than anything, but good photos!
  2. How do you get them so shiny, or is polymer shiny?
  3. Obviously I thought that he looked like a banana, too! hahahaha Sorry Clyde, I couldn't resist!
  4. I've heard that before - what clyde said. I have some of those, too.
  5. Wondering if these are Vitro or something nice, or just some pretty yellow marbles. Thanks. Oops, I might have posted in the wrong area. Sorry. Not going to redo this time.
  6. Just wondering what this Marble King would be called. Oops, I might have posted in the wrong place. SORRY Not going to redo this time.
  7. Akro Penguin? Just kidding Very pretty, by the way!
  8. WOW marbles and a WOW price! A true collector, I think.
  9. Fascinating! The people who were there, as well as the process! What a lot of physical work!
  10. I'm with Winnie, that's my fave, too. And the yellow cork. And the Master...OK, I like them all, too!!!
  11. Well, the fence belongs to the neighbors, but I don't think they'll mind...
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