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Hey Mike!

I'm blown away by the whole video concept here!

Have always had problems showing marbles in a way that gives people

who know more than I do a good view from all sides.

I usually just get one shot I think looks 'best' and leave it at that.

Although you've also done a great job with the multiple 'stills',

the rotating marble with occasional shifts in position is brilliant! ( :

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Hey Winnie!

Is the marble you showed here the one you

were talking about posting in the other 'pink' thread?

It's very nice in a pastel kind of way, but as you've pointed

out, it's definitely on the girly/baby side.

Only asking because the interesting thing to me about Mike's

marble in the other post was that the pink was so outrageous

that it was even appealing to us testosterone-laden

knuckle-dragging types. B)

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