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  1. It's a pity Steph that we know so little about the history of the production of Japanese marbles. According to me they made very nice marbles before WW11,probably since 1920. I would also like to see some more evidence like documents etc.
  2. Me too are going for the other way CAC.
  3. Thats a nice busy Alley. I think this is my busiest Alley.
  4. A free bag of marbles with a pack of soap powder.
  5. winnie

    Id help

    Yes,pinch cut-off
  6. Yes the first one on top is Veiligglas,I'm not sure about the second one,I've seen very few with that brown color so....
  7. I mean by the opaque marbles,it's the first one I've seen with amber. The wirepull's and transparant swirls do have the amber color.
  8. My newest addition,it's the first one for me with amber color,7/8
  9. winnie


    I do not recognize it as being foreign,btw nice marble.
  10. Oh Ric,how awful to read this,so sorry with your great loss,my thoughts are with you and your family.
  11. I have this one in my Japanese box.
  12. I think you're both right and I love them too.
  13. Not a real joke but somtimes I have to giggle for a description with a price quotation on Ebay,the shippingcosts are pretty aswell LOL. In the Netherlands,we say:he/she wants to be rich in 1 day. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Lot-of-151-marbles-swirl-akro-agate-clay-some-hand-made-antique/222798052142?hash=item33dfcc7b2e:g:0VAAAOSwIBJaXZcB
  14. Some Japanese slags have vaseline glass aswell. 2 pic- of the same marbles.
  15. They're called "Winners",they remind me of marbles that were made about 100 years ago,with another name LOL. If you want to know more about them you might translate this with Google. https://www.nu.nl/starten/3618237/flippo-uitvinder-zet-in-knikkers.html
  16. Thanks for the sketch,I think I understand what you mean. Almost all my German str/op and str/tr do have 2 seams on the opposite sides of the marble.Only e few have a sort of road & tunnel pattern. What striked me is they all are so different from each other. Here's the other side of the marble,I've followed the lines,can you call it a road & tunnel or just a str/transp?
  17. John,I,m afraid I do not understand what you mean by 2 tunnels,do you mean a tunnel at a shear mark and another tunnel at the second shear mark? Maybe you can post a pic- of an example. Here's an other str/tr that was in the same bargain from Germany same size.
  18. Thank you for the explanation. I think I will wonder my whole life how the German str/op and str/tr are made.
  19. That is new info for me,I did not know that the road &tunnel slags are handgathered. So if I understand correctly,The German road & tunnel are also handgathered,kind of transition? Here's a German 1 inch str/tr.
  20. Was looking at my photo files and ran into this one,bought it years ago as Akro,I think it has a opalescent base but thats hard to tell cause of the red ox-.
  21. It's Nice,thats no ordinary Pelt,I've never seen it before but if you say it's a Pelt then I have to believe you.
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