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Age For Vitro Agate All Reds With A Metallic Sheen

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I looked through pictures of my Vitro All Red bags (with the name All Red in the header) and the Gladding-Vitro All Red bags and did not see any that had the metallic sheen look. That would be late 50's to 1969 as Vitro and then 1969-82 as G-V(and a couple years into the Paris Manufacturing era after G-V). I did find a couple of Paris bags that appeared to have marbles with a metallic sheen. Also, a couple other bags without Paris on it had some of the Vitro blue metallic marbles in it along with some All Reds that appear to have sheen. I added the pics below. I did not find anything resembling the All Reds in the Anarcortes packaging so it was probably before then (even though some Anacortes marbles had a metallic sheen). So, in guessing, I'd say 1980's.




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