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1940 Barry Pink Marble Tournament Items

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Sorry, I do not know how to do the eBay call up of this auction Item: #181144919987 it just closed on eBay for $214.00 . Looked like a bargain price for a Marble King brass tournement medal, felt patch and a paper crown.

What is the history of the Barry Pink - Marble King tournaments?

Did these tourmanents lead to a national contest or were they a Marble King barn storming promotion?

Big Indian

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Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/181144919987

Love the crown.

As far as I know the Berry Pink tournaments led to one national event, held at the New York World's Fair in 1940.

There were also local Berry Pink tournaments in 1941, but I'm pretty sure not a national. That is, not a national tournament sponsored by Pink. The Scripps Howard national tournament still happened that year.

I don't think there were any Berry Pink tournaments in 1942, and I think the war was given as the reason.

I also don't recall seeing any evidence of any Berry Pink tournaments after that. Of course he was still selling marbles and I'd guess showing up at tourneys. But I don't recall finding any tournament announcements in newspapers after that.

I believe Berry Pink was affiliated with the Scripps Howard tournaments before 1940.

My guess is that it was his ego and his desire to sell Peltier's glass marbles which made him break out on his own. In 1940, the Scripps Howard tournament still used clay marbles.

p.s., all that information is from my memory and is subject to revision if I double check it. :)

It is based on my searches of newspaper and a few other documents from that time. (not just my searches -- other people helped -- but I search a lot of newspapers) Some Berry Pink publicity might suggest a higher profile role for Pink for a longer duration, but in my experience his claims often don't mesh with other available facts.

One stray bit of trivia: The game played at Berry Pink tourneys in 1940 and 1941 was Rota, if I recall correctly, not Ringer.

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Thanks for setting up the link on the eBay auction. On my computer - I need to click on the sold banner to see additonal views of the tournament medal, felt patch and that really great paper crown.

I have the felt Marble King patch and brass tournament medal but could not see pushing to $250 or whatever just to get the paper crown. [ Probably my foolish error.] ~~~ Anyone know of such a paper crown for sale? ~~~

I like our threads where we stay on topic where good marble information and questions are shared and hopefully discussed.

Big Indian

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A little birdie -- maybe it was a carrier pigeon -- flew some awesome images to me today. I'll add them to the next post. First a little note: While I was loading those new pix into my photobucket album I saw a 1943 article I'd forgotten about. I still don't remember much if anything else Marble-King-related in newspapers in 1943 or later so I don't know if this was part of any ongoing sponsorship by Pink or if maybe the prizes were leftover. But ... well ... here:


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Okay, one more old article I found in that album before I post all the neat new stuff. This is from 1939. It shows that Pink was still making appearances that year at the Scripps Howard tournaments -- the one which held the national tournament at Wildwood.


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Here's the new material:

It is insight into the planning and networking which took place before Pink launched the Marble King tournament, to help publicize the Marble King brand. It starts with a 1937 letter from Berry Pink to Sellers Peltier.






And here is a bonus from the same time period. Isn't it great?



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these are from 1946. check the trophy. crown on boys head.. The men were Tacoma teachers and tournament coordinators. Tournament was held in Lincoln High bowl.(where they played foorball in the rocks and dirt) note the trophy says 'berry Pink' on it.




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