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Art Jones Repo Boxes On The Bay

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Hi all well Art Jones made a few boxes I do not know if they were the same that as the ones Les Jones was having made . I do know that Art did make a few and he even made me one for a Akro 125 box I had . so here is the auction of a few of Arts handy work . . Mike

Fantasy POPEYE #116 BOX and MORE!! Must See!!

And yes Jerry did buy these from Arts daughter . Mike .


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well I have seen them when Art was making them and they for sure did not look original . just in how they were made and you could see that the wear marks were not worn but printed that way . but I wonder who did get them ? for a private collection but even then they will be sold again some day . so now may be I should list my tri-color akro to fill the 100 box . I found the bags very interesting I wondered if they are new or just something Art found ? Mike

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They should been marked like the comic boxes. Too bad because they are way too close to the original.

im glad we live in the USA

Well, lets hope the next seller is as ethical in disclosing what they really are.

maybe you should have an ankle bracelet installed on the buyer.

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As discussed in a different thread it would be fraud. The kicker though would be on how much they would go for all filled and sold as original. The crime can go from a misdemeaner to a felony. The comics boxes had to be marked be of trademark and copy write infringement. They settled to mark them or destroy the whole batch. Those boxes by themselves can go $50 and up. Wonder why these were not because of same infringement?

And I am glad to live in the USA as well.

Side note: the coin collecting hobby is getting destroyed by Chinese fakes. No law in China that they cant make them. The coin magazines have done tests where they would take some to shows to see how good they passed. More than half the dealers failed. A few years ago Galen gave me an 1893 CC Morgan dollar in a graded ANACS holder for xmas. Normally it would have been worth THOUSANDS! The chinese faked both the coin AND the holder. It's only worth the silver amount they used. It was a good fake because they made it out of silver. Yes, Galen knew it was fake and told me it was fake.

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Definition of fraud:

In the United States, common law recognizes nine elements constituting fraud:[9][10]

  1. a representation of an existing fact;
  2. its materiality;
  3. its falsity;
  4. the speaker's knowledge of its falsity;
  5. the speaker's intent that it shall be acted upon by the plaintiff;
  6. the plaintiff's ignorance of its falsity;
  7. the plaintiff's reliance on the truth of the representation;
  8. the plaintiff's right to rely upon it; and
  9. consequent damages suffered by the plaintiff

Misdemanor to Felony:

In the cases where purposeful damage has been done to property, or where property is stolen, the charge of misdemeanor or felony may be decided based on the dollar amount of damage or missing property. For example, in Arizona, if one incurs purposeful damage that costs under $250 US dollars (USD), he or she is charged with a misdemeanor. If however, the damage is between $250 - $2000 USD, the charge is generally a class 6 felony. Higher amounts of damage may up the class of the felony and result in more time in a penitentiary.

Each state is different. Again the problem we have is that the law force doesnt take marbles seriosly. So, the dont want to pursue it. Good for crook. Bad for customer.

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well I did some searching and I think a lot of people know who bought them and he is a buyer on the bay ,sells very little on the bay here is his biding / buying info that any one can do . Mike


30-Day Summary Total bids: s.gif148 Items bid on: s.gif140

r***ls.gif( 1457iconRedStar_25x25.gif) s.gif

I will not say who is the owner as I do know . Mike

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