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We Will All Remember ....

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Thirty-six years ago, from a humble beginning in a bail bonds office in Davenport, Iowa, Gary and Judy Huxford hosted a small group of marble collectors to look at marbles, trade stories and share knowledge of marbles. From that meeting the Amana Marble Show was born. Amana became a destination event for marble collectors of all ages and marble preferences. Recently in the mail, a postcard arrived with the following announcement:

“All good things must come to an end! After 36 annual Iowa Marble Shows, (aka Amana Marble Shows), Gary and Judy Huxford have decided to end this tradition! We thank you for your support through the years and hope to see you at other shows in the future! We had a great run, ending with the fabulous Peltier collections at the 2013 show! Good Collecting, The Huxfords”

It has been an honor and privilege to have known Gary and Judy for those thirty six years of the Amana marble show. For those years, Gary and Judy built what is recognized as a “national” marble show, something they didn’t have as a goal for those first shows or any subsequent shows. Every other marble show around the country has benefited for the positives and the negatives of what Gary and Judy did to keep the Amana show relevant and current to the ever changing trends in marble collecting. When Gary and Judy decided that it time to close down the show, it wasn’t a decision they made lightly or without lots of thoughts and prayers. The Amana Marble Show became legendary because of Gary and Judy’s efforts. The Amana Marble Show will live on in our stories of “I remember at that one Amana show when….”

Gary has is celebrating his 71st birthday this weekend. Wish him Happy Birthday and let Judy and Gary know how much you appreciate what they did for marble collecting.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!! Blow out the candles,have your cake and eat it to ! Thank both of you for all the years of effort and work. It is time to relax and be proud of what you did. I did get to be part of the Amana marble shows a few times. No doubt what you did has benefited all marble collectors in one form or another. I have been part of organizing shows for a few years. It is impossible for me to imagine what all you have witnessed over the thirty six years. A job well done.

Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!

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Best show ever! I hope somone will take over to continue this great tradition. Thanks to Huxford's years of dedication and hard work.


Was only able to attend 2 times but enjoyed both visits. Met the Huxford's and they were swell people. It was at my first visit that I met some early machine made collectors, Larry Castle, Marlow Petersen, Harold Sugarman and his Mom and Sister, Russell Coppell from CA who at the time was probably the most advanced machine made collector going. Sorry to here it is closing down, guess that only leaves me with Canton which is another great show but I heard Steve was pulling out there so I'll have to look into that situation. Ronnie

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