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Why Marble Collectors Drink Part I

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Ok so I go to this antique store and ask for marbles.

This really old guy with a walker says he has some in the back, he ask if i can I come back in a hour or so.

Sounds good I will go grab some lunch.

Fast forward,,,

I come back to the shop and the old timer does not remember me but he says he has some marbles in the back and wants me to come back later. (Again)

So I ask if they are old?

Says not really he got them when he was a kid and that was just the other day. LOL (still has a sense of humor)

The paint can is full to the top he says,

I ask if I could help him look for them?

He shouts at me and says they are not lost there in the back room.

I ask can i help him get them? He starts shouting again, I am not helpless. I've been running this store for 37 years.

Anyways I told him would come back later.

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