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Different Variation Of Oxblood


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I was hoping to get some feedback and picture as to what everyone else consider Oxblood to be.

Here's typical Akro on the surface post-2279-0-82544600-1383598463_thumb.jp post-2279-0-55760200-1383598484_thumb.jp

Here's Akro that has what looks like egg yolk but the red is paler so I would say not oxblood or is it?post-2279-0-57832500-1383598723_thumb.jp

Here's Akro that appears oxblood that is not on the surface and has thinned and you can see the white thru it Oxblood? It looks like all the oxblood that I see on the surface of the first two but is deeper into the marble and thins out off to the side!


I have more pictures having trouble uploading will post this and start another one. Mostly just want to see all the possibility's of Oxblood not just on the surface. Thanks to all replies Stacy

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Here's a Peltier john deer with what looks like oxblood under the transparent green ribbon if not oxblood what would it be. Looks black in picture but it reddish black and under the transparent green!


Here's a snake where the ribbon is just under the surface and looks oxblood to me red with black but very weak and you can see thru it Oxblood?


Thanks for any help Stacy

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Looks like accidental oxblood on the first, purposeful oxblood on the 2nd. And by accidental ox, I mean the same chemical composition as traditional ox but not intentionally created by the manufacturer.

The 3rd is an Akro Carnelian -- no ox. (Edit: I think it's a Carnelian ... *sheepish*)

The 4th does not look like ox either. Having the red bleed off to the side wouldn't necessarily rule out ox. Could be ox along with another red, but I don't see ox. And can't remember ox on a white-based cork like that.

There could be accidental ox under the green on the john deere. Greens and blues are where it likes to show up -- I believe that's because of the copper oxides used to make those colors.

I'd say no to ox on the snake.

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Thanks for the oxblood Id Steph but not what I'm looking for. I am looking for all the questionable oxbloods that people collect with oxblood like in four that looks different because its inside not on the surface. Here's one that I think is a Cork Oxblood on a white base.




Also the snake number 5 is on a light blue base in hand looks oxblood but faint. This is what I'm talking about questionable Oxbloods!

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