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Secret Santa ?

Gnome Punter

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We do it on a baseball forum I frequent.

Everyone who wants to participate posts, the OP keeps editing the main post,adding each name . The posters PM their address to the OP as well

2 weeks before Christmas the OP randomizes the names, then randomizes the senders.

The big fun is to NOT open till Christmas day, then when you do ,post it.

It's a LOT of work for the OP.

The people are instructed to send their address as well as 3 TYPES of cards they like, not specific cards/players but they can choose teams or they can say RCs or Prospects or Veterans.

Also, you TRY not to post your information...as it is secret (if possible) and there is the chance that conflicting people can get each others names...and hell ensues :P

Anyway, wasn;t sure if it had ever been considered here.

The other criteria we had was person had to be a member at least 90 days with no "shady" Accusations

Sometimes it is a blast.

We set a 25.00 price for each gift that way a comfortable medium was easy to find.

I got a humdinger last year and my secret Santa sent me 3 Jason Heyward RC autos :)

Anyway, may be neat for marbles as well...then again, with some people being so keyed towards highend..I dunno...it;s about the thought, not the value iMO :)

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