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Boy Scout Marbles Belt Loop And Sports Pin


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I was offered the opportunity to help a local pack of 50+ Boy Scouts earn their Marbles belt loop and sports pin during the next pack meeting. During this meeting, I would like to give each child a bag of marbles so that they can take them home or to school and play marbles with their friends.

I would like to buy a 25lb. box of JABO’s in both 5/8’’ and 3/4'’ if possible. I am not looking for anything rare or expensive naturally as these marbles will be given away to children. Does anyone have a couple of 25lb. JABO boxes for sale by any chance? I have no color preference. I’d appreciate any leads.

If interested, here is a bit more information on the Marbles belt loop and sports pin:


Thanks very much!


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wow the best time you will ever have as I was a scout leader and helped my den get there belt loop , gave a lot of marbles away and that was before I collected I still wonder what I gave them , one was my son and I still have the Christmas ornament they made on my tree . Thanks as I had to did out Georges wood plaque they made after the four years of cub scouting . Mike










and here is a medal winning car .


and every year I put this on my tree and when he comes over we always talk about it .


and why Jabos ??



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I may be able to help out. The WVMCC and myself has done some work with the cub scouts this past year. I also may have a few left overs,that we gave out. I can come up with the Jabo's you can use. I need to know how many scouts you will deal with. Give me a call or email. If you need my number or email,Dan N.,Chuck G. and D. Becker have it.

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